Types of Upholstery Foam

What type of foam should I use?

White Soft Foam - V24

This standard grade, low-density upholstery foam is ideal for soft platforms, headboards and sundry padding or thick back cushions and soft mattresses. It offers 24kg/m3 density with medium ‘recovery’ capabilities, although it isn’t the most suitable for domestic seating.
The soft foam comes in a variety of thicknesses and is very easy to cut or trim.

Luxury Medium Grey Reflex - V40

Reflex foam is made from polyurethane and branded ‘Reflex’ by British Vita. It is a very responsive and high-density foam which offers increased support and firmness. It is very flexible and returns to its original shape easily, hence the name ‘reflex’. 

Medium grey foam with high resistance and a bounce-back touch. It’s medium feel foam, ideal for sofa seat replacements providing comfort and resistance.

Budget Blue High Density Firm Foam - V33

This foam type is lightweight and rigid. In fact, its firmness makes it nearly perfect for window seats, bench seats outdoors and general use padding where medium firmness is required. 

one of our most used high-density foam grades. It is a firm foam, widely used for dining pads, upholstery repairs, garden seating, window seats and caravan seating. For high-use items, please choose the Premium Blue foam instead.

For cushions thicker than 10 cm we recommend Reflex medium foam.

Luxury Soft Pink Reflex - V40

This high density Reflex foam comes in an eye-pleasing soft pink tone This foam grade is a suitable choice for the replacement of sofa back cushions.

6lb Reconstituted Chip Foam

This type of foam is typically used in contract seating, gym mats or any application where it is subjected frequently to a high level of impact.

The high-density reconstituted chip foam can often be seen in exercise rooms and health clubs in the form of yoga mats, or in general-purpose seats and stools, as well as garden kneelers and wheelchair seats.

We highly recommend this type if you need foam which can easily withstand your entire body weight and doesn’t slip on hard and smooth surfaces, as it is reasonably heavy and durable.