What are Stockinette & Dacron?

What are Stockinette & Dacron and does my cushion need them?

Stockinette makes your foam practical

Foam can be sticky and difficult to work with when trying to fit inside a neatly-measured covering.

Stockinette is a wrap which goes over the foam that makes it easy to slide into the cover and also helps keep it in place, preventing the cushions becoming mis-shaped and unsightly.

We can wrap all our foam with stockinette and it works particularly well in conjunction with Dacron – to give a springy bounce to the surface, that reduces wear.

Dacron adds a luxury feel

Dacron is a poyfibre wrap which is usually bonded to the top and bottom of sofa cushions – or just the top of other types of cushion.

It adds loft to the straight foam and provides a level of “plumpness” which gives a luxuriously soft touch, backed by the firmer foam underneath.

The sharper appearance provided by Dacron helps minimise wrinkles in your cushion fabric and softens edges, giving a “crowned” look in the centre of your cushions.

Being a man-made material, it is also quick-drying – helping minimise any moisture which can cause mould and mildew.

Why we recommend both Stockinette and Dacron together

For the best-looking cushions, Dacron gives a luxury that we recommend all cushions have.

The Dacron is bonded to the top and bottom of the foam to keep it in place.

Since it is a fibrous material, it would be extremely difficult to insert a plump cushion into a tight-fitting cover without damaging the Dacron.

The stockinette wrap helps keep things to get and allows the new cushion to slide more easily into the cover.