White Soft Foam Sheets



White Soft Foam Sheets

These white soft foam sheets are fantastic for cushioning irregular-shaped and generally delicate products. The soft polyurethane foam is lightweight and reusable, making it effective as a void fill or protective pack. It is also mildew-resistant. Ideal for any application where very soft cushioning is needed.

These white soft foam sheets are perfect for protecting delicate and irregular-shaped items. Made from lightweight and reusable polyurethane foam, they provide excellent cushioning and can be used as a void fill or protective pack. Plus, they are mildew-resistant, ensuring long-lasting use. Whether you need to protect fragile items during shipping or provide extra cushioning for sensitive products, these foam sheets are an ideal choice.

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1" x 20" x 40", 2" x 20" x 40", 3" x 20" x 40", 4" x 20" x 40", 5" x 20" x 40"